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🎆 This week is International Coaching Week! 🎆

Last year I got trained to become a #strengths based Coach. Not only I knew I would love the approach that I find so refreshing and powerful when we look at Talent and Personal/Professional Development but actually it brought me a real sense of fulfilment, both personal and professional.

3 reasons (actually there are a few more, but I will keep it short!):

1️⃣ I looked at myself through a different lens and learned to love and apply each of my strengths in a strategic and intentional manner. Most of them I knew, but interestingly enough I discovered some strengths I did not suppose I had.

For example #connectedness was a real surprise. However, I came to realise this strength provides me that extra intuition and capability to make connections between people and ideas that I had kept low key in the past, being heavier on my #strategicthinking themes. It also fuels my search for being part of something bigger, a collective that makes an impact (on the #HR, #csr and #esg spaces). In one word, it helps me achieve ⚖ - How cool is that?!

I can see very well how it plays out for me now and I love it! When people ask me which strength I am the most proud of, actually #Connectedness now comes as 🥇 !

2️⃣ It created an opportunity to empower more people and teams on their development journey. I love the conversations I have with my clients around their strengths, what they mean for them, how they can use them best for self and others and how they increase the congruence between their strengths and their best life! 🔄

3️⃣ Last but not least, #cliftonstrengths is the only development tool I know that focuses also on helping younger generations. I love the approach to enable teenagers and young adults understand better their uniqueness and what they bring in this world. Knowing yourself better, isn't it a great gift to give early on in life? 🎁

So happy International Coaching Week, and to more #strengthsdevelopment in this world🎉

Feeling Zen :)

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