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Claire Kolly, founder of, specializing in executive leadership training and HR sustainable transformation consultancy
Some of our Clients and Partners
Claire Kolly, founder of, specializing in executive leadership training and HR sustainable transformation consultancy

Claire KOLLY, Founder and Director

I studied Medieval History at University and was supposed to become a museum curator, or perhaps, a passionate historian. Instead, I worked in the Human Resources field.


You might not see the link between History and People, but history is a way to understand others, the world we live in, how past events and human relationships have shaped us the way we are now. I was interested in the untold truth. The hidden stories of human relations. 

My career in Human Resources provided me opportunities to travel to every continent, relocate (to Singapore), meet amazing people, form solid friendships, develop a multicultural sixth sense, constantly adapt to ever-changing businesses, learn so much and be confronted and solve some pretty hairy challenges!


After years of practice as an HR leader, I wanted to go further on how I could help emerging and seasoned leaders to become their best selves and create a positive ripple effect around them. The pace of change, the magnitude of the complexities, the pressure of the numbers, the conflicting priorities, the craziness of corporate life, all of this adds up to make them struggle, at one point or another.

And that’s how I came into coaching in 2016. Coaching became my most powerful tool to help leaders overcome their harsh barriers and empower their true potential, balancing the short-term and long-term impacts in organisations.

Once they find it, they feel fulfilled. 

I practiced my craft for 5 years and in 2021, I founded From the inception of, I have been very intentional in aligning my practice with sustainable aspects. As a citizen, I am convinced, that is the only way forward. I am not going to become a carbon footprint specialist, so I embed sustainability through the “S”, the social aspect of ESG principles, as this is my area of expertise. is helping organizations and individuals who want to do the “right thing” and develop the "S" in ESG through sustainable yet ambitious, human-centered HR Practices, development programs and coaching. Because when people thrive, business do too.

My credentials and accolades include



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Our mission is simple

We thrive to help you and your teams achieve clarity on your values, motivation, path and course of actions, so you are empowered to make the right decisions, for yourself and others. 

Help organizations that are engaged towards a sustainable path of business link their people development to that path

Enable leaders and aspiring leaders to find answers that will help them live the fulfilled life they deserve

Share our global expertise to maximize the social impact in organizations, for more sustainable and fairer businesses.

"I feel like I have unlocked qualities that I previously never knew"

Claire made me embrace change leadership, be open minded and most importantly ‘be kind to yourself’.

I feel like I have unlocked qualities that I previously never knew and worked on our coaching plan fortnightly.

The reason was Claire was real and made me feel I could be vulnerable about anything and was always happy to listen and provide views I may not have considered.

If you’re looking for a coach/mentor or someone who you can help you on your change leadership journey I couldn’t recommend Claire more. A massive thank you and let’s keep connected.

Adam, Region Leader, Industrial Products

Our values


From initiation to the conclusion of our engagement, you get our full commtiment and attention to your success. Because honesty and authenticity are important to us, we build long term relationships and enjoy working with you in the long run. We are here to stay.


We love bringing new ideas and perspectives to the table to help you solve your problems and challenges. We partner with you to brainstorm, bounce ideas, explore new and different ways to support your goals and success. We bring these ideas to fruition with concrete and easy to implement action plans.


Because every person and every organization is different, we put a lot of emphasis on the uniqueness of the relationship. This includes full confidentiality, a deep collaboration throughout our relationship and an ability to really focus on your needs.


We care a lot about the value we bring to this world and push ourselves to always learn, discover, improve our skills and knowledge. In a world where knowledge can be quickly outdated, or automated, we spend time to explore new ways to keep ourselves ahead of the market. So we deliver you the best value.

Our engagement: coaching and training for good

At the heart of the creation of was the concept of building sustainable HR and leadership practices. Sustainability is all about thinking long-term, creating positive ripple effects, initiating actions that last. To support our commitment, we also invest our time and money in the following projects:

For every coachee we work with, we plant a tree through Handprint. We also match these contributions through "LinkedIn-founding" once a year. As of December 2023, we have planted 300 trees.

Starting 2024, we are contributing 1% of our Leadership trainings and workshops to regenerative projects through the Handprint platform. Stay tuned for more information on our impact!

We contribute pro-bono to The Matcha Initiative, a non-profit collective gathering B2B solutions for organizations looking to improve their sustainability. Check our Sustainable HR Practices category to discover more.

We deliver talks and workshops on enabling sustainable HR and leadership practices. Reach out to us to know more!


Thank you to Andrzej and Holly who have been a pleasure to work with during the development of this website.

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