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Are you a victim of the "Good Student Syndrome" ?

I've observed a phenomenon that I've come to call "The Good Student Syndrome" among aspiring and accomplished hashtag#womeninleadership

Driven by the pursuit of perfection that served you well in your academic years, you continue to push yourself hard for those elusive "A+ grades" at work. 

This never-ending quest can be further amplified by your cultural and family background. 

The dedication, hard work and conscientiousness that brought you academic success is now hindering your potential for higher self-confidence and recognition in the workplace.

This syndrome manifests in the form of overcommitment, burnout, and a perpetual sense of not measuring up despite real achievements. Not only this takes a toll on your well-being but also impedes your ability to be authentically recognized for your leadership skills.

To my fellow female leaders grappling with The Good Student Syndrome, it's crucial to recognize your worth is infinitely more than your good grades. 


Recognizing yourself in the below?

-    💯  I thrive for perfection and push myself (too) hard to achieve perfection. 

-   👀   I confirm my worth with external validation (manager, peers, team…)

-    😓  I doubt my capabilities, thinking I am never good enough

-    👾  I very quickly forget my successes and focus on what’s missing (or what I could miss).

It’s time to reevaluate your definition of success and acknowledge the importance of a hashtag#sustainable, long-term approach. As the saying goes, "what lead you there, won’t bring you further".

Looking for the coach who will help you transcend your self-limiting beliefs, free you up from the "Good Student Syndrome" and embrace the good life that awaits? Let’s connect!

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