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Sustainable HR practices? What is it?

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

📢 Are you interested in all things #sustainable and want to be prepared to take on sustainability-related responsibilities within and beyond your workplace? Elitez Group of Companies and The Matcha Initiative jointly launch their Sustainability Masterclass Series to empower participants in #singapore with the knowledge and tools necessary to drive sustainable #change. At the end of the 6 modules (spread over 3 months) you will understand the scope and learn the tools that will help you really integrate sustainability in all aspects of your life. These modules are packed with information and practical tools to help you turn intentions into actions. 🎬 All aspects of sustainability are covered (including #hr, with sustainable HR practices that I will present during Module 5). Wait no longer...Now is the time to move from intentions into actions! ℹ More information here: - Grants are available for this Masterclass. ✋ Register your interest here:

Image credit: Elitez

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