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Ignite your leadership to drive positive impact and exceptional results

By designing and delivering tailor-made HR Consulting and Advisory Services, Leadership Programs and Coaching Engagements, we partner with organizations and individuals who want to confidently prepare for the future they envision, with agility, empathy and authenticity.

Some of our Clients and Partners

Do you experience any of the following?

When leaders and organizations do not proactively invest in soft skills, the qualitative and quantitative cost of not doing so is huge:

Your revenue growth and Talent attractivity are impacted by low employee and customer satisfaction

You fail to lead change and innovation, reducing your leadership capacity and readiness for the future

Your lack of clarity and options with regards to your career and growth hinder your path to success

You are unsure how to amplify your impact, communication and collaboration to drive growth and success

You’re struggling to achieve business efficiency aligned with your company’s goals

Adopt customized people strategies and programs that nurture impactful and sustainable results

When leaders have access to the space and tools that help them resolve their most pressing problems and explore the future opportunities, they perform at their best. And so do their teams.

Developing leaders who are true role models for others

Reducing attrition, disengagement and burn-out

Getting more opportunities, perform better ahead of the curve

Unleash your and your team potential to achieve real business outcomes

Talent retention and engagement are organizations’ top priorities. You are looking for innovative and practical ways to best motivate, develop and, above all, keep your best people, so they can proactively identify new ways to grow and thrive within the organization.
Create Employee experiences that help your business innovate 

When employees operate in a system that helps them to feel recognized, included, developed, with clarity and authenticity, their commitment to the organization and job satisfaction is largely improved.

This leads to increased revenue & productivity, higher customer satisfaction, better innovation and reduced turnover

Invest in Leadership development as your growth engine

Leaders who strategize, care, communicate clearly, inspire, deal with difficult conversations, influence, empathize, embrace change, are the types of leaders you need in your organization to be successful.

Soft-skills are developed throughout life and experiences, shaping role models people want to follow

Unlock everyone’s potential for increased confidence & success

Individual contributors and Leaders are seeking space and tools that help them resolve their most pressing problems and explore the future opportunities, while keeping a fine balance between professional imperatives and purpose.

Improved confidence, relationships and clarity pave the way of sustained growth and success.

"She is a fantastic coach with a strong sense of empathy and deep experience in the corporate world"

"Claire coached me through some of the most difficult transitions in my career – becoming a mother and simultaneously leading my team through a major change in the company.

She is a fantastic coach with a strong sense of empathy and deep experience in the corporate world. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Thanks to our sessions, I was able to take on an expanded role in the company and help grow my skills and those of my team members.

I would highly recommend working with Claire."

Jamie, Head of Government Affairs, Healthcare Industry

How we help you create a positive impact

Whether you are looking at improving your Employee Experience to provide a more progressive and conducive work environment or seeking innovative and tailor-made development programs for your Individual Contributors and Leaders to prepare them for the future, we can accompany you every step of the way.
We build with you the future you want to see.

HR Consulting & Advisory

You are a small or mid-size organization looking to:

  • Elevate your entire Employee Experience to best in class standards. 

  • Question your current practices and policies and transform them in “business enablers”.

  • Develop awareness and implement People related initiatives to positively impact the world (B Corp & Ecovadis certification).

Leadership Development

You are an organization (HR or Business Leader) looking to:

  • Train upcoming and seasoned leaders to remain relevant and think ahead.

  • Build development experiences that boost retention and develop today and tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Open up perspectives and create learning spaces for leaders who dream, dare, create, communicate and deliver value with values.

Executive Coaching

You are an organization or individual looking to:

  • Unlock greater confidence, empowerment and success by unlocking your true potential.

  • Ignite thinking, challenge limitations, drive action and deliver results that matter.

  • Identify & solve your and your teams’ most important problems to increase personal and professional fulfilment.

Some of our Clients and Partners

Claire KOLLY, Founder and Director

I have spent more than 20 years in the HR field working in global environments, accompanying businesses in their - always complex!- development and transformations.

Working across teams and cultural boundaries, I thoroughly enjoyed helping teams and leaders navigate through changes and make sustainable decisions for themselves and their teams, balancing the short-term and long-term impacts in organisations. I saw first hand what worked and what did not work., I founded in 2021, is the perfect blend between these paradigms. We are helping organizations and individuals who want to do the “right thing”, and develop the "S" in ESG through sustainable yet ambitious, human-centered HR Practices, development programs and coaching. Because when people thive, business also do.

To really be the change you want to see!

"Claire was able to open up avenues that I could not consider on my own."

"I had the opportunity on a personal level to be accompanied by Claire at a pivotal moment in my professional career. [...]
Claire, with her expertise and experience, was able to open up avenues that I could not consider on my own.

This is the whole point of an outside look. Claire's gaze, always benevolent, is also very precise. She was able to make me aware of limitations and allowed me to structure my own responses.

Subsequently, I called on her to support employees in my company. After her intervention, I was able to measure their repositioning and their newfound energy thanks to her.

I recommend Claire for her professionalism, her sense of ethics and the richness of her approach to individuals."

Arnaud, CEO, IT Consultancy

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Ignite your leadership to drive positive impact and exceptional results

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