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Claire Kolly

Director, Senior HR Consultant & Executive Coach

Founder and Owner of

About Claire... 

I was born in France. As far as I remember, I have always been an avid learner, from Sciences to History, in which I graduated from University. I kept on learning through my different roles, companies and locations. This allowed me to develop a holistic understanding of the HR function, with a strong focus on its Strategic agenda, from Organizational Design, Talent Development, Culture and Engagement as well as Business Transformation.​ Having spent two decades as HR executive with the most progressive companies, in both mature and growth environments provides me a unique understanding of the corporate context. Combining this with coaching skills allows me to help propel organizations and individuals to the next level.​ I hold a Professional Coach Certification from ICF (International Coaching Federation) and am Hogan Leadership Assessment and Gallup CliftonStrengths certified. I am also trained and certified as a Team Coach from GTCI (Global Team Coaching Institute). I strongly believe in building sustainable change both at a micro and macro stage and commit to ensure our missions do support and enable sustainable changes.​ If you are looking for a strategic, client focused, agile and authentic HR consultant or an Executive Coach, coupled with a multi cultural experience, do reach out for an initial conversation.​ While I am based in Singapore, I love to work across geographies, and supported dozens of clients from all continents, offering face to face and virtual services.

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About Darryl... 

I started my career in the F&B industry. In my first management position in the operations department, I had the opportunity during that time to train, mentor and coach at a restaurant, bar, outdoor alfresco, event spaces and even a European brasserie. By juggling schedules and people, I enjoyed managing all the moving parts such as successful corporate events for Singapore Tourism Board, Porsche, FHM, Formula 1 and Miss Universe Singapore. Being a people developer, my encouragement helps others learn, grow and improve. Whether it is to train an unranked team that won the top seeded team in our table during my time as Head Coach of Anglo Chinese Junior College or as a teacher at the Ministry of Education, for almost five years those were the formative years in terms of shaping me as a coach and trainer today. Coming from a varied business background gave me the exposure in terms of even various industry research that help me experience top level acquisition analysis such as during my time as Investment Director at Synthesis Development Team. By being a keen learner, I naturally pick up and absorb information quickly and challenge myself to continually learn more to keep me on top of my game. Growing the current client base by relationship building during my time as Managing Director of a tech start-up was not a straightforward task however it was fundamentally important to how we can continue to develop the rapport and trust with clients. I love to build relationships that are authentic and long-lasting; to foster those kinds of connections that can withstand long periods of time.


Darryl Goh

Principal Consultant

Leadership Coach & Health Coach

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