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Have we lost some people skills?

Inspiring discussion theme last week with our EGN Group HR Leaders peers.

The question got me thinking a lot….

I am not sure we lost some hashtag#skills but certainly we transformed and adapted (and continue to do so) as the corporate world became more dematerialised, complex, matrix, outcome oriented, uncertain, versatile… The list could go on.

It means we, hashtag#HR and hashtag#leaders get to rethink our communication, influence, connections, impact and role in a different way.

🤔 How do you ensure you are well understood when you discuss with colleagues you rarely meet (if ever, as they might be based 10,000 kms away from you)?

💙 How do you develop more empathy as paths of life and career expectations are more diverse and acknowledged in the corporate space?

⛑ How do you anticipate people’s employability in a world where automation and now AI look both promising and sometimes scary?

🌏 How do you create genuine (and cross cultural) connections that build trust when you have to do it over Zoom or Teams meetings?


I am still not sure we lost people skills per se but we certainly need to develop these new ones to thrive and help others thrive! Because more changes are ahead of us, and this looks exciting!

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