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Do you know your Strengths?

The million dollar question ... 💸 🤔 What's the most effective way to develop and empower self and others, you would say?

We spend a lot of our professional life trying to develop and improve on skills and behaviours we are not so good at. This requires a lot of efforts (and sometimes not so much joy!). It happens mainly because these skills and behaviours don't come naturally to us.

Don't misunderstand me, if they really stand in the way of your success, you definitely need to address them! Blindspots and blatant flaws won't drive you far!

However, what will make you shine, fulfilled and productive is using your unique #Talents and #Strengths in a conscious, sustainable and consistent way. 🌟

When we elevate it at the team and company level, creating a Strengths #culture is what makes organizations performing, healthy and respectful of what one brings, creating a better sense of belonging.

That is why I am so happy I got myself trained and certified as a #CliftonStrengths Coach last year. Thanks Danny Lee for the amazing quality of the training and to my clients for helping me constantly improve!

I have to say, since I have started to use #cliftonstrengths as a coach and a consultant, with individuals and Teams, I am amazed by the power and depth of it.

Throughout my +20 years in the #hr industry I have seen many tools and assessments, and CliftonStrengths is for me the most powerful, insightful, intuitive and versatile to date.

Might be a good time for you to revisit if you and your team are using your Talents and Strengths at their fullest? 🚀 🌞

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