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Ah the good old "Self limiting beliefs"!

I read a very interesting interview the other day from Thomas Pesquet (for those you might not know him, he is a French astronaut, currently in the International Space Station). Amongst other truths he mentioned that our biggest obstacle to success is self limiting belief... from young age to becoming an adult, we put limits to ourselves that, as they pile up, limit our possibilities, our options, our choices... our life.

What if ... we shake this? What if ... we trust that we can go beyond? What if ... we believe we have the resources in ourselves that propel us further than what we thought?


Can you imagine, for a moment?


Wouldn't it just feel great?

Many of the clients I am working with at one point discover and face their self limiting beliefs. And when they question them and decide to shake that shadow, this is where the best version of themselves arise. For them, and for others.

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