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1 coachee = 1 tree: creating a tangible impact

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I am interested by all things sustainable, as a citizen. I am not perfect, but I try to do my best.

When I set up my business as an HR consultant and a coach, I wondered how I could link HR and sustainability (there wasn’t an obvious link!), and this is how I shaped my mission of “bringing sustainable and virtuous change for organizations and individuals”.

It means advocating for projects and missions that help organizations and people improve their well-being and engagement (generally speaking), commit to positive and long lasting change, for the better.

When I have the occasion, I also support individuals and organizations involved in the green economy. That is also in that spirit that I contribute to The Matcha Initiative and designed the #HR category (link in the comments), helping companies in Singapore (but not only) build sustainable HR practices.

I am also regularly looking at how I can contribute more, and came up with the following - as a starting point (and yes, I agree, we can always do better, but we have to start somewhere, right?):

🌳 🌴 🌱 🌿 I decided to plant a tree for every person I coached in 2022 (would it be through my company or via my other partnerships). 🌳 🌴 🌱 🌿

To date, I have funded 𝟰𝟲 𝒕𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒔, to be planted in a mangrove in Indonesia. 1 tree per coachee! So, if we have worked together on your coaching project in 2022, then there is a mangrove tree planted in Indonesia for you!

To other coaches, consultants, freelancers, etc… if you want to take a step, hopefully my experience will inspire you to do something similar.

There is more to come, as my next step is to identify and offset my carbon footprint. Work in progress, I will share more soon 😊

𝗔͟𝗻͟𝗱͟ ͟𝘁͟𝗼͟ ͟𝗺͟𝗮͟𝗸͟𝗲͟ ͟𝗮͟𝗻͟ ͟𝗲͟𝘃͟𝗲͟𝗻͟ ͟𝗴͟𝗿͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝘁͟𝗲͟𝗿͟ ͟𝗶͟𝗺͟𝗽͟𝗮͟𝗰͟𝘁͟,͟ ͟𝗳͟𝗼͟𝗿͟ ͟𝗲͟𝗮͟𝗰͟𝗵͟ ͟𝗼͟𝗳͟ ͟𝘆͟𝗼͟𝘂͟𝗿͟ ͟𝗹͟𝗶͟𝗸͟𝗲͟ ͟𝗼͟𝗿͟ ͟𝗰͟𝗼͟𝗺͟𝗺͟𝗲͟𝗻͟𝘁͟ ͟𝗼͟𝗻͟ ͟𝘁͟𝗵͟𝗶͟𝘀͟ ͟𝗽͟𝗼͟𝘀͟𝘁͟,͟ ͟𝗜͟ ͟𝘄͟𝗶͟𝗹͟𝗹͟ ͟𝗽͟𝗹͟𝗮͟𝗻͟𝘁͟ ͟𝗮͟𝗻͟𝗼͟𝘁͟𝗵͟𝗲͟𝗿͟ ͟𝗺͟𝗮͟𝗻͟𝗴͟𝗿͟𝗼͟𝘃͟𝗲͟ ͟𝘁͟𝗿͟𝗲͟𝗲͟,͟ ͟𝘀͟𝗼͟ ͟𝘂͟𝗽͟ ͟𝘁͟𝗼͟ ͟𝘆͟𝗼͟𝘂͟ ͟𝗻͟𝗼͟𝘄͟ ͟!͟ ͟👍

PS: Thanks to Nga (Mimi) NGUYEN from Handprint (who is also part of The Matcha Initiative) who helped me to turn this idea into action!

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in Handprint, but found their app super easy to use for small companies like mine.

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