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✨ Advancing Talent Discussions....To use the 9 box or not to use the 9 box, that's the question!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Very insightful discussion with fellow senior HR Practitioners at our EGN Singapore (Executives'​ Global Network)#HR#Leaders meet up last Friday.

How to go beyond the 9 box was our discussion and sharing theme. Some of us (did) use it in our organizations, some of us don't. But whatever is the model we use, a few pointers emerged:

1. ❓ It all starts with WHY? Why do we need to identify Talents and for which purpose? Being clear on the strategy of the organization is key to identify how we assess talents

2. 🌈 Focus on differentiating and opening up...You can't differentiate if you are not clear on what you are looking for (see point above) and you can't embrace the diversity of Talents if you are looking at the same pool, over and over.

3. 🎬 Take action! No process is valuable if it takes too long to run, is too complex and does not translate in concrete actions and opportunities of growth. Kudos here to the excellent work Socomec Group APAC has done in this space with their SEED program!

4. 🛠 Don't forget your experts, they are talents too... Talent is not only about identifying the next VP, MD or CEO... There is limited space at the top (what's the point of having 10 potential successors to a regional MD role?), and not everyone wants to become a VP, MD or CEO. Can't emphasize enough how ensuring the key engines of the company are recognized, groomed, exposed to opportunities and innovation is critical. It's time to think about #Leadership and #Talent in a more holistic and inclusive way

5. 🎯 Set KPIs that support your Talent journey and encourage sustainable behaviours from leaders to cherish and provide opportunities to the company Talent pool (and not only the one in their department!).

6. 💡 Love the idea that was mentioned about using other tools, like the "wheel of life" we know in the coaching space, for example. Made me think about the work I am conducting with Groupe KEY CONSULTING to identify key competencies and create opportunities of growth for their employees. It creates a very clear while flexible path for Talents to grow.

Grateful to Andrew Parker for the great facilitation and for all participants that helped to advance the thinking on this important topic! I left the session packed with refreshed perspectives and new ideas. Feeling innovative! 💡 🧠 ❇

And you, how do you look at #Talent in your organization?

If you want to bounce ideas on this #Talent topic close to my heart, feel free to reach out!

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